Why Made in Britain ?


Why Made in Britain?

I design unique surface pattern prints for gifts and homewares and part of my criteria is that all my products are made in Britain. Here is why:


Photo by Chris Lawton


When working with suppliers in the UK it really does feel like a collaboration. I can talk directly with the person who will oversee the manufacturing process and be assured that we are working as a team to create a high quality unique item. The manufacturers have an understanding of what is aesthetically pleasing and the importance of a fine finish.

-Cotton-chiffon Scarves made in Britain

Multicoloured Cotton chiffon scarf collection


Communication is easy, Our silk wraps and cotton  scarves are digitally printed and each one is different.  They are hemmed by a skilled seamstress, who takes the initiative to decide which colour thread will work best with a multicoloured print.  I can also enquire about which fabrics are suitable, and be informed about what may or may not work.



Photo by Fleur Treurniet


Pollution and fuel costs are significantly reduced by designing and manufacturing in Britain. It justifies producing limited edition products with low minimums so that we can create  interesting, unique designs, avoiding mass production and stock wastage.



Photo By Evie Shaffer


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